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Announcement No.2 version

PPooSEE Press Releases

We take this opportunity to all who celebrate, congratulate the anniversary of the great October.
Everyone knows that October is in November, and because of conspiracy we made the allocation of November in December.
So, we organize a secret parade on the occasion of this holiday. Parade will be held the first Saturday in December in front of Square of the Revolution.
Officially, square with this name does not exist, so the parade itself will be unofficial and very festive. That it is unofficial, meaning that there is no ceremony or participants. Based on these ingenious ideas and initiatives of the comrade
President, nothing will happen, so not even the authorities, no matter how hard they tried, will not be able to prevent it. So we had won another victory in the unequal battle.

We congratulate ourselves and thank you for your participation in this heroic, epic struggle that lasts.
New forms of freedom are necessary; PPooSEE rejects methods, but partly accepts the ideas of the October. New form of liberty rejects dictatorship and primarily refers to a free exchange of ideas on new-old principles of piracy.  

After the festive information here is the operative one. Operative Committee adopted the proposals and confirmed the symbols, emblem, anthem and flag as proposed in the founding documents of the party.
Colors and layout of the symbols, emblem and flag are accepted. Suckle and slammer are in the golden color on an oblique, rectangular shaped, red, 2:1 background, in form of Cheers! Emblem is brown, square shaped. Flag is in 16:9 format with symbols in the upper left corner of učkur. The colors of the flag - pants on a stick depend on the financial situation, but it is desired to be disinfected. Allowed graphical forms will be published in the additional documents, and in line with pirate conventions will be applied without restrictions. Setting the symbols off is voluntary, but the production of badges with the same symbols is the exclusive right of the company PGC-Integral in the mixed ownership of the President, General secretary and Commissioner.
For party anthem music, we announce a tender.
Tender conditions imply music has to be solemn, revolutionary, in the spirit of tradition and based on rock & roll. Rock & roll and tradition-revolution ratio, is not regulated. Quality should be at the level of Mozart and ISO 9000 standards. Those who do not understand the terms of the tender can contact comrade Bakunin’s uncle.
Transparency of this kindred relationship indicates that those who attempt to apply the tender without connection, have no chance, which proves that with us honesty is something that implies.  

As the Communist Party of Serbia elected Josip-Josko Broz for President, PPooSEE leadership election is postponed until the next Annual General Meeting. The working papers shall, until further notice, use functions instead of names.  
After an unusually hot but working summer, autumn came and time to summarize the results of the first semester of our party activities.
After six months we are stronger than ever. This is a constant fact, which applies to all parties and all the events in them. If you didn’t know, the parties are stronger when somebody leaves, and even dies, but they are especially reinforced when it is proven that any of their members is a thief and a fraud. Unfortunately we didn’t have such cases, at least we don’t recognize them.  

The reasons why we haven’t previously emerged are numerous:
First, work in peace and quiet. Second, work in the secrecy. Third, work and order.
We could count at least ten such reasons, but you get the idea, we were not destined.

Descendants and followers of Mileva Einstein are in our ranks. Thanks to them PPooSEE continues to fight against ignorance. So we have the opportunity to put under the critical analysis the Millennium experiment as part of the world conspiracy that we have exposed.
For those who are not familiar, let's say that a repeated experiment is conducted in the CERN laboratories in Switzerland and France. Experiment, allegedly, is to create original, God’s particle in Large Hadron Collider, the largest and most expensive scientific machine in the world, worth five billion euros, simulating the "Big Bang". It would indeed be pleasure to several thousands of scientists in the comfort of the academic community. We have successfully sabotaged the original experiment, in September 2008. This October (2009) Collider spinned again ...
It is the fact that every day 67.000 humans die of starvation. “Today, more than 17.000 children will die from hunger. One every five seconds. Six million a year.” Since there is plenty of food, it is possible that the answer to this mystery of human stupidity we find in the way that we in the tunnel at CERN in parallel with the acceleration of zero-particles slow down human greed and indifference, seeking an equivalent of the term honest intelligence.
Since the modern fuzzy math and science allow unclear and vague solutions, PPooSEE is sure that exactly that vague will happen. Not wanting to keep you in suspense, here for the first time we reveal what will be the result.
The result will surely be unsuccessful:
If the experiment succeeds the world will collapse, and the result will be a failed experiment.
If the experiment fails the world will continue to exist, but we will not know how to defend ourselves against stupidity and greed.  

There were certain rumors and insinuations about our inaction with an alleged criminal background. Although the tabloids shouldn’t be our level of correspondence, this time we'll make an exception and address some of these malicious rumors spread by the servants of big and small capital. Let's go to expose those wickednesses one by one:


Rumors that some of our members have become dissidents, and others stuck in a capitalist casemates are not true. Even what is true, was maliciously interpreted.
So, one of the spectacular actions of expropriation was declared a common robbery. Our comrades who have successfully carried out helicopter raid in Sweden on a fortress-capitalist bank, were declared common bank robbers. Even those well-intentioned succumbed to right-wing deviations and declared this undertaking as a part of Robin Hood and Pablo Escobar mission. All those who want historical reflections, can compare this endeavor with the early works of comrade Dzhugashvili and similar expropriation in Tbilisi.
Swedish casemates and their cold saunas cannot break our revolutionary spirit.
Admitting the robbery was part of revolutionary tactics, where the strength is shown as a weakness. And vice versa. Part of the money in accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands will be used for the purpose of revitalization of the deserving members, especially the Presidency.
By the unanimous decision of the Presidency, conditional sentence to the Gensec, enters in his revolutionary pension fund as a beneficiary and will be considered instead of three as four and a half months to years of employment with the coefficient 5.


Vacations in Sochi was working and that it lasted three and a half months proves that our workshop Better shade has something to say. The workshop were carried out a complete examination of some cognacs in the clash with Czech beer and French wine. It is conclusively shown that at high temperatures, for all adults, the best refreshment is young unfermented beer. In the case of weather change and the sirocco, it is justified to use cognac, but in moderate quantities, and with obligatory snack. The positive effect of wine is unverified side effect.

During the summer, several courses and different sections are organized at several sites. The courses were mainly on how to survive bankruptcy in transition. The most visited were Retired before the fifties and How to find job in government and NGO sector.

The sections activities will be kept confidential and available to members only, except for activity dealing with the revolutionary pharmacology. Namely, PPooSEE section for transbiological studies succedded to decipher most of the secret GNOME project. Based on their results, a series of experiments was performed showing a complete transformation of the individual.

Here we reveal two striking facts that need to be repeated as mantras until they become true:
The famous sheep Dolly was actually a wolf.
H1N1 virus does not exist and all the prevention against him is a fraud.

Assignments for PPooSEE members and sympathizers during the upcoming winter:
Stay alive, we need you as such
Defend yourself from flu using the radical methods: tea & vitamin C to the maximum
Celebrate all the upcoming holidays, that’s the best way to put enemy to sleep
Activate a PPooSEE chain: Send this announcement to at least three of your friends
Now we finish with the already traditional call:
Join the pirates, there are some of us who don’t have.

In Banja Luka, November 2009.

Authorized by the President and all members, this announcement is recorded and delivered as such to the public.
The details of copyright law can be seen in Announcement No. 1.
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