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Alley in Banja Luka

Someone has counted more than ten thousand trees in the city of Banja Luka. Almost every street is the alley itself. Here are some of the most famous.

Avenue that frames Vrbas is certainly the longest and most beautiful avenue in Banja Luka. He came with no plan and no single style, but it gives him a natural charm and beauty. With Vrbas prevail willow and poplar, but there are plenty of canvases, and lime.

Vrbas 1 Vrbas 2
Vrbas 3 Vrbas 4
Vrbas 5
Vrbas 6

When in Banja Luka said Alley, usually refers to the alley that runs to the center of the city parallel to the Vrbas of Turbe to Bojic Han, and extending streets Kozarska, Skender Kulenovic, King Peter's I, and Mladen Stojanovic, a distance of about 7 km. It is composed of mainly chestnut and linden trees, the occasional plane. Recently, the old trees are often alternated with cedar trees.

BL Aleja 1 BL Aleja 2
BL Aleja 3 BL Aleja 4
BL Aleja 5 BL Aleja 6
BL Aleja 7 BL Aleja 8
BL Aleja 9 BL Aleja 10
BL Aleja 11 BL Aleja 12
BL Aleja 13
BL Aleja 14
Valentine's Alley - Aleja zaljubljenih 
z1 z2
Alley St. Sava -Aleja Svetog Save
Aleja Sv Save 1 Aleja Sv Save 2
Aleja Sv Save 3 Aleja Sv Save 4


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