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Meet just some of the Banja Luka alleys, parks and green areas. 


City Park




Aqua park

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Zoo Park 

Banja Luka is known and easily recognizable by the green.

Always boasts of its parks and alleys.

Banja Luka parks once

Evliya Celebi passed through Banja Luka 1660th years and among other things wrote the following:
Old Town and Seher. Seher is stere from southeast to north the length of one hour, on both sides of the river Vrbas, but on both sides narrow. In addition to all the houses next to the living water flowing, each better house (Handan) has a vineyard, gardens and rose garden, superb as an earthly paradise ... At the seventy of a picnic place ...

Stari Seher
Old Seher

Water Fontana (Shedrvan) and the clock tower in front of the mosque Ferhadpasha

At the time of the Austro-Hungarian Banja Luka has a few avenues and public parks.
Thanks to General Baron von Joelson, garrison commander of the Banja Luka,  Banja Luka 1880th he got his famous avenues. According to the General 'commands on both sides of wide roads, seedlings were planted avenues of future.

Henrick Renner in his book, published in Berlin 1896th years, writing about Banja Luka wrote the following: large, wide roads, lined with linden trees, plane trees and the trees, cross the park, and with them go walking paths with a blooming hedge ...
The yearbook "Bosnischer Bote" at the beginning of the twentieth century, describing the walk from the hotel of Bosnia, with bullets buildings which are located in the first two Banja Luka alley, it was reported that the building: all with beautiful gardens, parks and alleys for walking.

Aleja ispred fabrike duvana
Plants first avenue in front of the Tobacco Factory 1890

Rudolfov park
Rudolf Park which is located at the Banja Luka area

Gospodska-Lord Street-Herrengase

During the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and the Vrbas Banovina, Banja Luka gets a recognizable city views, and this is one record from that time, in the view Pravda- Justice in Belgrade from 1932. was: "Go, Banja Luka was krajina nest in voice, light only the traditions of race. Otherwise desolate eastern provincial town neglected with the scents of the Orient, muddy lanes, old-fashioned and backward town  ... But everything changed: Pleasant today after coming down with a train or motor car to enter a European cozy hotel on three floors, with elevator, hot water supply and sanitation, apartments and bathrooms ... Walk the paved streets and right, richly illuminated, see the one outstanding architectural whole King's Square, which is an Orthodox cathedral with a high tower in the middle, Banovina palace on one side and the Governor's Palace on the other side.

BL Gradski trg
Central city square thirties of the twentieth century

Gradski park
City park footage from 1933th

Today is proud to Banja Luka is known as a city of greenery with more than ten thousand trees in their alleys and parks.



View of the Banja Luka today


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